Consultation Fees

New Consultation Fee for Self Paying patient = £220
Follow up Consultation Fee for Self Paying patient = £160
Consulting Rooms may charge some additional admin costs. Fees are same irrespective of type of Consultation i.e Face to Face / telephonic / video
  • Kindly bring a Referral Letter from GP, Consultant or Physio. Please bring with you a list of current Medications / MRI Reports / MRI Discs etc. at the time of Consultation.
  • Patients covered by Private Heath Insurance have to obtain an Authorisation from their Insurance provider prior to booking the Consultation. Patients will have to pay Fees as mentioned above if their Insurer decides not to cover Chronic Pain Treatments.
  • Pain Clinic Consultation Fee does not include any procedures. If any Procedure is required, the relevant fees will be invoiced by the Clinic. Most procedures are planned & performed in Theatre & X-Ray suite. Some Office based procedures will be offered in the Out Patient Clinic, and those will be charged in addition to consultation fees.